The rarified air and land largely over 3000 meters in which the Brokpas, the inhabitants of Merak live, lend itself to introspective thinking.

Living close to nature in this pristine wilderness, the Brokpa’s way of life has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years and they have a unique culture. By virtue of living in close and compact quarters, they are a friendly people, raucously fun loving, and enjoy merry making with an avid fondness for festivities. Indeed, they love music and dance and attending Tshechus- the much needed respite from their daily cattle herding routine.

Beside the dances that are performed throughout the Dzongs and Lhakhangs, the special feature of Merak Tshechu is the traditional dances known as Ache Lhamo and the Yak dance. These rare dances are exclusive to the Brokpas and have drawn a lot of visitors to witness the unique spectacle.

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