Lhuenste is one of the easternmost districts in Bhutan and borders the autonomous region of Tibet. It reserves a  distinct pride of place being as it is the ancestral home of our Kings, and subsequently a home to a number of important and sacred monuments, notably the Lhuntse Dzong, a majestic fortress that sits upon a high ridge overlooking the Kurichu River.

Lhuentse is the main hub of the myriad unique festivals that are ubiquitous in every community in villages. Nowhere in Bhutan can one find festivals that are unique and most distinct from those in other communities. The most notable are the ‘Cha’ and ‘Ha’ festivals that are celebrated to honour the deities and consequently avert misfortune. .

The most important festival, however,  is the annual three day  Tshechu which is usually celebrated in the month of November and draws large numbers of people together for the religious celebrations. This special get together for families is also a very good opportunity for the girls to display their kiras called Kushutharas , the style of weaving that originated here.

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