The venue of the tshechu, the Trashigang Dzong has been a bastion of defence, and was very instrumental  in defending the province as it withstood several Tibetan attacks that were launched from the east.

Such a place of astounding political and spiritual importance deserves a highly befitting ceremony, so preparations for the Tshechu begin months ahead of the actual festival.

On the 7th day of the month the monks perform ceremonial ablutions or thrue. This is believed to wash away negativities and is a pre-requisite for the monks performing the sacred dances.

On the 8th they have rehearsals in preparation for the Tshechu, followed by the first day of the tshechu on the succeeding day.

  On the 10th day the Thongdrol of Neten Chudrug or the Sixteen Arhats  is unfurled amidst a flurry of mask dances. This is a rare spectacle and can only be witnessed in only some of the Tshechus.

On the final day, the old Thongdrol of Guru Tshengyed is displayed. The unfurling is accompanied by the performance of Guru Tshengyed mask dances.

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