The locale of the Dochula festival is a Mountain Pass up at 3000 meters.

‘The Druk Wangyel’, aptly translated as the ‘Dragon’s Victory’, is a fitting tribute to the Leader of the Dragon people, the Great Fourth King of Bhutan, who personally led his chosen band of soldiers to battle and achieve victory over the Indian insurgent forces infiltrating the south-eastern parts of Bhutan in 2003.

Such a noble sacrifice certainly merits an honorable mention, so the cabinet decided to come up with a Festival and a Landmark at the Dochula Pass:

Dochula  is one of the most scenic locations in the entire kingdom, offering a stunning panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range. It is a mountain pass largely over 3000 meters designated with 108 beautiful stupas.

Druk Wangyel Festival is an annual festival generally held on December 13th at the Festival Ground located at Dochula Pass. The festival celebrates the fighting prowess and the unstinting sacrifice of not just the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and his soldiers, but is also a dramatic reminder of the scene enacted by our forefathers before the turn of the century. 

The Druk Wangyal Lhakhang was built over a period of four years (2004-2008) under the vision and patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo. 

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