A land largely above 3000 meters, Sakten valley is situated in remote eastern Bhutan inhabited by  semi-nomadic people known as the Brokpas. Like their compatriots in Merak, the Brokpas are the product of their high environment-they are hardworking and friendly; and in a remote place where daily entertainments are very rare, they highly welcome and look forward to the Tshechu.

The 3 day Sakten Tshechu is held at the Sakten Lhakhang situated just next to the village. In addition to its religious function, the Tshechu provides the Brokpas with an occasion for revelry and merry making. The festival is a lively, colorful and jovial event as the Brokpas dressed in their traditional finery, enjoy the celebration with rounds of homemade wine and raucous jokes. The unique feature of the Sakteng festival is the rare Ache Lhamo dance, which is quite distinctive from the usual mask dances seen in other parts of the country.

The Yak dance, also unique to the Brokpas, is a celebration to life and its unstinting rewards: living close to nature in this pristine wilderness, the Brokpas’ way of life has remained virtually unchanged with their chief dependence upon yaks as a sustained source of their health and happiness. The dance is the expression of extreme gratitude for the yaks. 

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