Rhododendron Festival

The three-day Rhododendron festival at the Royal Botanical Park is truly an experience for nature lovers to engage in the beauty of wild rhododendron that grows in abundance.

Showcasing different rhododendron species that are in full bloom by May, the three-day rhododendron festival celebrates the blossoms at the Lamperi botanical park.

The Lamperi botanical park records the highest species of rhododendron with 29 of the total 46 that are grown in Bhutan. With rhododendron blossoms at its peak in May, it’s the perfect time to showcase the beauty of these species.

The festival highlights the conservation efforts of the country and the harmony between people and parks. It also aims to enhance ecotourism opportunities, provide means of income opportunities to park residents apart from showcasing the rich diversity of rhododendrons and associated ecology in Bhutan.

The three day festival is a very good opportunity to enjoy traditional Boedra and Zhungdra songs relating to nature performed by the local community. There will also be cultural programmes and educational activities on environment conservation performed by school children.

Visitors can also take up short and long hikes in the botanical park to see different rhododendron species and engage in the ecological richness.

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