Situated in remote Eastern Bhutan, the inhabitants of Pema Gatshel are mostly the Tshanglas who subsist on agriculture and animal husbandry,

The celebration of Tshechus  is a new spiritual affair for the people of Pema Gatshel: the construction of  the Dzong in the early 1980s has enabled the denizens in partaking in what is perhaps the most important spiritual festival  for them.

The district is known for its numerous festivals and folk songs, the most noteworthy being the Ausa, a song that is sung to wish well and grace the departure of family members, friends and relatives.

The Tshechu at Pema Gatshel has become an annual social gathering where people from all walks of life have come together to contemplate religion and celebrate life. Being an important social and spiritual event as it is, these people often travel great distances from far flung communities to be a part of the Tsechu. The entire community rejoices together, dressed in their finest clothing whilst enjoying the company of friends and family.

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