The venue of the Nomad festival is the central highlands of Bumthang, the spiritual heartland of the country, and about 8 hour drive from the capital city of Thimphu.

The festival is a reunion of the herders of the northeastern and northwestern Himalayan frontiers, in an un-extenuated celebration of their unique culture and traditions. It is an intimate glimpse into the proud communities that have survived virtually unchanged to this day, and form a rich part of Bhutan’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

Dine on delicious traditional recipes whilst sitting cross-legged around a stone hearth as families from this region have done for untold ages. Dress like a Bhutanese highlander and try on an entire costume spun from yak hair.

Immerse yourself in the festival-wide demonstrations of traditional Bhutanese village life including using ancient mill-stones for grinding maize, husking harvested rice and tilling fields with ox-drawn ploughs.

Adventurous visitors will definitely want to try some yak riding.

The festival will give you the opportunity to witness the grand pageantry of the Chipdrel, a ceremonial procession usually reserved for royalty.

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