The Chorten Kora Festival is set in Trashiyangtse, the easternmost district of Bhutan.

The venue of the festival is the chorten, which is believed to be the replica of the Boudhnath stupa in Nepal. It was built so that pilgrims could visit the temple in Trashiyangtse instead of making a long and arduous trip to Nepal.

The sanctity of the chorten owes its origin to a local folk lore. Legend has it that a young girl from the nearby vicinity of  Tawang, said to have been a Khando (Dakini) agreed to be buried alive inside the Chorten. Owing to that, a special time honoured circumambulation ritual known as Dakpa Kora is organized every year on the 15th day of the 3rd month; where hundreds of people aspire to visit this sanctified stupa, to perform their circumambulations.

It is believed that there will be found a measure of peace and happiness for those who aspire to come to this place to make circumambulations around this highly venerated stupa.

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